Co-Founder Garage on York, Consulting, Furnishings
Laura Chenault
Freelance Producer
Kitchen Design &
Gerardo Nucete
Consulting of Grid, Lighting and Arches / CYC Wall
Rob Kumler
K&R Photographics
Plant Partner
All plants and pots are for sale!
Megan Strasser
100% of sales support FERN
360 Images / Backlot Photos / Drone
Zac Guyer
Freelance Photographer
Michael Wilson
Black & White Film Pictures
Metal Staircase,
Railings, Stairs &
Exterior  Wall Sign
Burt Aarsen
1st In Design
Photography of Front Space
Monty Milburn
& Paul Weber
OMS Photo
Art Partner
All art is for sale!
Cedrick Michael Cox
Contemporary Painter / Canvas
Website Programmer
Connor O'Leary
Freelance Programmer
Mentor / Investor
Earl Meyers
Chad Puckett / Principal
"In addition to the above, we are grateful to our solid boots on the ground who helped guide, support and have been part of our journey behind the scenes. Garage on York wouldn’t be what it is today without you. Thanks to the City of Newport, cleaners, painters, CPA, industry friends, colleagues and family who have all contributed towards making GOY a creative studio that we are proud to share."

A sincere Thank You!!

Ron and Monica
706 York St. Newport, KY 41071